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Which of the following statements about sexual selection is

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Which of the following statements about sexual selection is

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п»ї Does masturbation affect testosterone levels?

Masturbation can have subtle effects on testosterone levels. However, it is important to consider that testosterone levels are the result of other factors that are related to elements of a man's general physical health, reveals a study published in the journal Psychology Today.

In this regard, researchers from Zhejiang University explain that testosterone levels can be influenced by sexual stimulation, including masturbation, registering a peak in their levels during the act, and then descend to an average level. , according to the person.

Likewise, they studied the effects of ejaculation, after stimulation, on testosterone levels, and observed that after seven days of abstinence after having ejaculated, the registers rose up to 146% during the seventh day.

In this sense, according to a study published in the Sexual Behavior Archives where testosterone levels were measured in 8 men before, during and after showing them a film with explicit sexual content, it was found that there was an increase average of 35% in their testosterone levels due to the excitement that caused them.

So, according to the specialists, if you do not have sexual stimulation for long periods of time, it can really lower your testosterone levels; meanwhile, the mere fact of thinking about having relationships or feeling excited can generate an increase in them.

Currently there are several studies that continue studying the effects of masturbation on testosterone levels, among many of which a common denominator is that if it is done too frequently, the testosterone levels may decrease, which obeys primarily to the idea that you are not looking for a partner.

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