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Has trumps presidency triggered the movement against sexual

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Has trumps presidency triggered the movement against sexual

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п»ї Do lubricants damage your fertility?
Vaginal dryness, either due to lack of sexual stimulation or physical problems, is one of the main reasons why many couples do not enjoy sex. However, one of the options that offers help is the use of lubricants, but how beneficial are they?

According to a study published by Fertility and Sterility magazine, there are some lubricants that contain spermicidal ingredients or components that can encourage the movement of sperm.

Dangerous pleasure ...

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the optimal pH value necessary to achieve adequate sperm motility is between 7 and 8, similar to the pH value that cervical mucus should possess. Women during ovulation.

The problem lies in the fact that personal vaginal lubricants usually contain pH values ​​lower than 7, and sometimes they are less than half of these values, causing the annihilation of the sperm.

According to Ava Cadell, author of the book NeuroLoveology, oil-based lubricants can change the pH balance in the vagina, which increases your risk of infection; In addition, mineral oils can reduce the strength of a latex condom by approximately 90%.

According to the portal Pregnancy-info.net a good alternative to natural lubrication is the use of warm water in the sexual act, if what you want is to have a pregnancy.

Remember, lubricants are not contraceptives or prevent diseases. Take care, your health is in your hands!

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