How to Install Beta Version of MacOS Catalina on a Mac

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How to Install Beta Version of MacOS Catalina on a Mac

Post by JulinTT » Fri 13 Sep, 2019 16:27

There are two solutions for solving this problem:
1 visit repair shop and ask repair broken wires, its easy to repair.
2 we can help you and change your broken wire to new one, but need time for delivery from China to USA.

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How to Install Beta Version of MacOS Catalina on a Mac

Post by NikolayVX » Sat 14 Sep, 2019 22:56

Just a couple of questions

"Black Mamba don’t need to install adapter PCB. Skip to 5- 4."

What joystick is in the pictures? Black Mamba MkIII? Why then has it the PCB installed?

"For Black Mamba, replace the 6-pin plug with 4-pin plug."

Like physically removing the 6-pin plug from the 6-2 blue cable? Where would I put the 2-pin and new 4-pin side if I dont have the PCB installed? Isnt the idea a 6-4 cable?

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How to Install Beta Version of MacOS Catalina on a Mac

Post by TerehovskijLA » Sun 15 Sep, 2019 01:14

Hey, Im reallly trying hard to lean how to script, and just get a hold on installing them correctly. Im currently using X3: Terren Conflict, but all the forums told me to refer to this one, and I hope this is still Monitored, but my question basicly is, After extracting script to X3TC directory, I proceed to copy the script folder and past it into original script folder, whereass Im prompted with the question to merge? I am running Vista, and im asked if I want to merge the files, or if I want to replace the original script folder, or skip action. This question is prompted due to same folder name. Am I just missing really stupid, or is the goal to merge?

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Post by ChristaDick » Sun 15 Sep, 2019 10:37

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How to Install Beta Version of MacOS Catalina on a Mac

Post by SinegubVN » Wed 18 Sep, 2019 09:01

Signed scripts are relatively painless to install with the all-in-one bonus pack installer. sticky thread at top of forum

For the rest, these tutorials have tried to be written as clearly as possible. If you have specific questions, well try to answer them.

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How to Install Beta Version of MacOS Catalina on a Mac

Post by SennikNA » Wed 25 Sep, 2019 03:20

Followed the instructions and loaded the warthog profile; however, no programs seem to recognize any button presses on the stick, and the "Buttons wizard" in the configurator is grayed out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Nevermind... took the stick apart and found that somehow one of the wires on the adapter had been clipped in the process of installation despite my best efforts. Anyone got any idea what gauge wire that uses so I can try and patch it up?

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How to Install Beta Version of MacOS Catalina on a Mac

Post by ShitikovUL » Thu 26 Sep, 2019 15:16

Installed it and it works well. I rotated the joystick a bit for ergonomy so its weight makes it a bit off at the center in terms of calibration. Is it possible to rezero it at "rest"? Edit: Just recalibrated it.

With the Black Mamba Mk3 I picked firmware for "Fat Mamba". I guess "black mamba" is a version without the base buttons.

Wizzo doesnt detect the joystick, but the VKB config is ok.

The amount of axes and buttons is just insane now.

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