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by SergovDN
Sat 02 Nov, 2019 07:46
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Topic: Why Casino Slots Become Popular
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Why Casino Slots Become Popular

When they first came out the Premium had the same features as the FRS but cost more so people that wanted the base bought an FRS. Anybody that wanted more had to get the Limited so those numbers were higher. Doubt the mix is the same now that the 86 has comparable levels and actually costs more. <a ...
by SergovDN
Sat 07 Sep, 2019 21:13
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Topic: How to earn $50 for 30 minutes of work per day? 
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How to earn 50 for 30 minutes of work per day  

Okay Ive made progress used the config software to map all the base buttons to virtual buttons with the mode button as the shift button. Now my problem is that when I try to map the virtual buttons to star citizen, they are not recognized. Is this still a stick issue, or a star citizen issue?
by SergovDN
Sun 25 Aug, 2019 01:21
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Topic: Ideas For A Great Baccarat Strategy
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Ideas For A Great Baccarat Strategy

The problem with too many races would be that there wouldnt be enough players for all of them, unless they change the fundamental MMO aspect of this game to that of a team lobby shooter thingy where you choose the race of your team before the game starts and so on. would be cool maybe